Bible College Breaks Ground!


Construction has begun on the Bible College on the Espwa Campus. This project is a long-held dream for HOM’s founder Leon Dorleans, and the completed facility will train local leaders for careers in ministry and service. Please pray for the continued safety of the construction laborers working on this project. Check back for updates and photos!

Update on the Crisis in Haiti and Ministry Activities

Thank you for your continued prayers for Haiti. For the most recent detailed information on our staff and our programs, please click on the link below.

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Update on HOM’s Earthquake Relief Work in Southern Haiti

Following last year’s earthquake in the southern part of Haiti, there remains an urgent and on-going need for safe shelter for families whose homes were destroyed. Thanks to generous donations received for earthquake relief, HOM is building six homes in the town of Cavaillon.  Cavaillon is 45 miles from the epicenter, and the community there suffered significant damage.  Earlier this year, Pastor Leon made several trips to Cavaillon to meet with community leaders and affected families to determine how HOM could provide support.

In addition to the houses, HOM is also constructing 4 wells in the area to give people access to clean, safe drinking water. We are also partnering with FIDA, a Canadian-based organization that has worked in rural Haiti for nearly 40 years, to provide mobile medical clinics so that families in the area will have access to needed health care.

These photos show the great progress being made on the six houses. We are grateful to the generous donors who are made this effort possible and are literally putting a roof over these families’ heads. Bondye ap travay!

Meet Mackenzie – Student Sponsor

Meet Mackenzie. She is 12 years old and attends 6th grade in Jacksonville, FL. She is a straight A student, loves animals, and was the first girl to make her local baseball team.  She is also a proud HOM student sponsor. 

For her most recent birthday, Mackenzie raised money from her family and friends with the goal of resuming sponsorship of Franz Olizia, a first grader at our Repatriote school. This is the third year that Mackenzie has put her birthday money
towards sponsorship.

How was Mackenzie inspired to sponsor? Her dad Sean participated in an HOM medical mission trip in 2018, which he describes as “life-changing.” Once home, he shared the impact of this trip with his family.  Mackenzie, just 9 at the time, had a birthday coming up and realized, I can help people, and it changes their world.

This year, Mackenzie raised and donated $256, which wasn’t quite enough to sponsor Franz for a full year. An anonymous donor learned of Mackenzie’s generous effort and donated the balance needed. Mackenzie recently received an updated picture of Franz and is delighted to learn he continues to do well in school.

Mackenzie told me, “Some people aren’t as lucky, and the kids in Haiti need the money more than I do. We can all pitch in a little or a lot…we just need a little love from our heart to get started.”

Isaiah 11:6 tells us, “And a little child will lead them.”  Thank you Mackenzie for leading by example and sharing the love in your heart with Franz and with HOM!

Progress on the Espwa Campus


Good things are happening on our new Espwa Campus! Our busy construction team has drilled the campus water well as well as built a gatekeeper’s cottage, a generator/clean water building, and a concrete pad to be used for vocational training activities.

The Espwa Campus will be home to economic empowerment and job training initiatives. It will serve as a vocational center for on-site training, small business incubation, and other business development activities. It will also feature a Bible College.

Little by little, the Espwa Campus is taking shape!

10/28 Update on Haiti

Since Monday, there has been a nationwide strike protesting the shortage of fuel and insecure conditions. As a result, our health clinic and most of our schools have been closed as it is very difficult to move around due to the shutdown of public transportation. However, the Repatriote primary school has been able to remain open all week since the majority of students and faculty live within walking distance.

Madame Jacky reports that “economic and social activities resumed timidly today Thursday” and our other schools resumed classes, with about 55% of students in attendance. We are grateful that our Haitian colleagues are all safe and ask for your continued prayers for the people of Haiti during this very challenging period.

Executive Director Gary Fulton is Retiring

After three years of dedicated service as Haiti Outreach Ministries’ first Executive Director, Gary Fulton will be leaving his position as of November 30. Gary joined HOM after a distinguished career of service, including roles in pastoral leadership and health care administration. During his tenure at HOM, Gary has strengthened operational infrastructure, expanded and developed new partnerships, and overseen the successful launch of new HOM initiatives in economic development and health care. The Board of Directors is deeply grateful for Gary’s leadership and service to the people of Haiti.

While Gary looks forward to retirement and more time with his family, he will continue to remain an important part of HOM, serving the ministry as a volunteer.

The Board of Directors has unanimously approved Caroline Chambre Hammock as HOM’s new Executive Director, effective January 1. Caroline is no stranger to HOM, as she has served the ministry since 2018 in a variety of roles, including grant writing, communications, special projects, and most recently as Associate Director.

Caroline is a nonprofit leader with extensive domestic and international nonprofit experience. Prior to joining HOM, she worked at the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, serving as the Executive Director of Moore Place, a program for homeless adults. Caroline has also worked for the Peace Corps and the UN’s World Food Programme. She has a heart for servant leadership that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds to serve God and each other.

HOM has come a long way from its roots some 30 years ago. Gary has carried us to a new level of involvement and ministry in Haiti, and Caroline will take us even further in our goal of sharing God’s love and the Good News of Christ through service and partnerships that assist the people of Haiti. We look forward to great things in following God’s plan for our organization.

Wick Smith
Chair, HOM Board of Directors

A New School Year Begins

It is with great pleasure to announce that the 2021-2022 school year has started within the Haiti Outreach Ministries schools in Port Au Prince.  School began this morning (9/21/21) with great attendance.  Please view the photos below to see the excited children and teachers.

Students Successfully Complete Masonry Class


This week we are celebrating the first class of masonry graduates from our partnership with Extollo International. All 15 enrollees successfully graduated from this Level 1 Masonry class which took place on the Barye Fe campus from Aug 23 to Sept 3. The students benefitted from desk-based instruction and practical hands-on work. This training class – and others we hope to develop in the future – have enormous potential to help our Haitian friends by giving them valuable skills and experience. This, in turn, will impact many lives and improve Haiti. On Tuesday, the group had the opportunity to visit Extollo’s training center in Bercy for graduation and to see what other opportunities are available for them in the future. Thank you for your partnership, Extollo, and congratulations to this amazing class!

New Classroom at Barye Fe Nears Completion

Here are a few of the photos of the new building at Barye Fe high school.  The students and the building should be ready for classes September 6.