Barye Fe

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Baryé Fè is a community near our Terre Noire campus and the site of our new secondary school. This new school will allow students to continue their secondary school education under the same outstanding HOM/MICECC leadership they received as primary school students.

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The school will serve not only students from our primary schools but will be open to any qualified student who wishes to continue their education past the 6th grade. Currently many students have to travel a great distance to a secondary school making it difficult to pursue a higher education. By building the secondary school in the community, we hope many more students can realize their dream of getting an education. The first module, completed and dedicated in September 2015, welcomed our 7th grade students with classrooms opened for 7th and 8th grades in 2016. Once complete, the secondary school will include classrooms for 7th through 13th grades. Longer range plans include a vocational school and a Bible College on the Baryè Fè campus.


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