Terre Noire

The community of Terre Noire is better known to us as Blanchard. It is an old farm area, now a community of about 120,000 people. In the last ten years the population has grown due to people relocating from Cité Soleil and other areas.

blanchard church and people


The Terre Noire church has grown in number over the years and the structure has  been expanded twice. Regular Sunday morning attendance averages around 1300. The church at Terre Noire is vibrant and includes men’s, women’s and youth ministries as well as choirs and their own missions and evangelism outreach. The church is a vital cog in the community and there is activity every day of the week!  Pastor Luc Aristhene has been the Senior Pastor since 2004, when the congregation was much smaller, 350 people. He has a dedicated group of men and women that serve as staff and lay leaders.


The Primary School at Terre Noire was the second school started by MICECC. Grades include Pre-K through sixth grade and 570 students are currently enrolled. Terre Noire has one of the largest libraries in the area. Nadege Gay, the Principal (and a Ministry Leader of MICECC) strongly believes in the importance of reading and having books available to students.


Also on the campus is a medical clinic staffed by Haitian MDs and nurses in collaberation with Family Health Ministries. The clinic typically sees 300 patients per week. Its employees provide acute and preventive care including prenatal and newborn care, cervical cancer prevention, children’s nutrition program and other health care services to the local community.


Vocational School

Knowing that many adults have difficulty being self-sufficient when jobs are scarce, we offer 2 vocational schools, here at Terre Noire and at Cite Soleil. Our sewing program begun in 2007 and focuses on teaching students sewing and design skills. After this three-year program, students are able to start their own businesses. Many of their finished products are for sale in the gift shop. Computer classes are offered to adults to prepare them for jobs in business. In addition to basic computer skills, students learn how to use Microsoft Office products, web and email services.

Gift Shop

The gift shop was started to provide a service for our guests staying at the guest house, as well as to provide opportunity for our sewing students to generate income. Many items can be pre-ordered and purchased while in Haiti, other items can be made during your stay. The shop has expanded to include handmade items by locals in the Terre Noire community.

Guest House

HOM never intended to be in the guest house business. But after the devastating earthquake in 2010, there was a need for housing our volunteers when they came to help with the relief effort. Space was renovated on the property to accommodate men and women on short-term and long-term mission efforts. The guest house provides a safe and secure environment for our mission teams to stay that is also convenient and affordable. Two daily meals are provided along with laundry service along with space for team meetings and devotionals.


Meet Luc Aristhene, Senior Pastor of Terre Noire (Blanchard) Church and Assistant to the Executive Director of HOM


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