Blessings Abound!

7/15/20 – We’re thrilled to share a bounty of blessings during this time when we could all use more good news in our lives! First, this past Sunday, July 12, all three of our churches resumed worship services after a four-month hiatus. Congregants, who were encouraged to wear masks and social distance, were happy for the chance to reunite in the house of the Lord. If you’ve attended worship in Haiti, you know that our Haitian brothers and sisters certainly know how to make a joyful noise, and this past Sunday was no different! During these past months when services were suspended, Pastors Profaite, Luc, and Jean-Charles developed creative ways to minister to their communities, including using WhatsApp technology to conduct daily morning devotions, noon and evening prayers, and Bible study. We’re grateful for their faithfulness.

On Monday, July 13, our community health clinic reopened on the Terre Noire campus. The clinic relocated from Cite Soleil due to community disruptions in that area and is now using the space formerly occupied by Family Health Ministries (who are now focusing their care on other sites). The clinic staff have been working hard for several weeks to get the new location equipped and set-up. Dr. Quency reports that Monday was a busy day in the new location with 59 patients receiving care. This includes new patients and existing patients from Cite Soleil.

Lastly, great progress is taking place on our Repatriote campus! We are constructing a 5th school building which will provide new classrooms, enlarging the library/computer center, and creating a supplemental bathroom for the older students. Construction is progressing on schedule, and the new spaces are on track to be completed in time for the start of school this fall.

For all of these blessings, we echo the words of our construction coordinator Bob O’Brien who always says, “Bondye ap travay!” (God is working!)