School Bible Challenge

Teaching biblical principles from a young age is something that is very important in the HOM schools.  The children begin learning Bible verses and stories from their very first day and continue until their very last.  In first grade, the children begin learning about how to be a leader in the church, so they can someday grow up to be teachers and leaders in their future churches.  Starting last year, Nadege Gay (Prinicipal at Blanchard) noticed a lack of enthusiasm in this area from the students.  She understands the importance of this part of the children’s education, so she wanted to create some way to encourage the students to deepen their biblical knowledge.  The Bible challenge at Blanchard and Cite Soleil is a way for the children to be engaged in their studies and work towards achieving an award for their hard work.  The students are asked difficult questions about Bible verses and stories.  The students at both schools have been competing against each other for a school wide winner.  The school wide winners have been selected and will join for an overall winner soon.  This is the first year that the schools will compete against each other for a trophy.

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