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Demonstrations in Haiti – July 17, 2018 Update

It appears that conditions in Haiti are pretty much back to normal.  On Sunday teams went to church, the beach and pursued their normal routine.  Another large team arrived without incident on Sunday at the Port-au-Prince airport.  Teams have been able to travel to and from campuses without any issues of which we are aware.

This will conclude HOM’s updates related to the demonstrations.

As always please continue to keep Haiti and our ministry partners in your prayers.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 13, 2018 Update

Our teams reported a normal day yesterday (Thursday) and they continued with their planned activities including Vacation Bible School, painting and house construction.  One team left as scheduled yesterday.  Once again our teams did not encounter any issues traveling around or getting to and from the airport.

There have not been any reports from our Haitian colleagues indicating there could be upcoming issues that might affect our teams who are working in the local communities in Port-au-Prince.

We are happy to share news that Pastor Profaite Medeus and his wife Francia welcomed a baby boy, Theosnel Joezer (Théo as nickname) yesterday morning.

Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 12, 2018 9:30 a.m. Update

Reports from our Haitian colleagues this morning and throughout yesterday suggest that conditions appear to be back to normal.  Yesterday (July 11) it was reported in the news and other sources that there were pockets of demonstrations throughout Port-au-Prince but they were 1) not in areas that impacted our teams and activities and 2) apparently not at the levels of those last weekend which caused extreme disruptions.  On Wednesday, one team arrived without incident at the Port-au-Prince airport while another group left without any issues.  Another group is scheduled to depart today in two waves.  We have not heard of any issues for teams traveling around or getting to and from the airport.

We expect teams in Haiti to continue normally scheduled activities today including Vacation Bible School and construction activities.

At this time based our current understanding and assessment we still anticipate that teams will be able to arrive without issues.  However, we also recognize that each team needs to evaluate their situation and comfort level given the events over the past week.  We want to ensure that each team is making the best decision for its team members and their families.

Pastor Profaite Medeus’ wife Francia is undergoing a scheduled C-section today and so we want to keep them in our prayers.

Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 10, 2018 9:30 pm Update

Today the calm and ordinary bustle we are used to returned to the communities served by MICECC and HOM.  Teams were able to continue their Vacation Bible School at the various campuses, build houses and paint Barye Fe classrooms.  In talking with the various teams I found they all seemed happy to be able to resume their planned activities and move among the campuses.  Traffic was worse which means this is normal and what we typically experience.  No teams reported any issues getting to and from the various campuses.

Yesterday we noted possible concerns of additional protests but at this time there have been no further developments.  Therefore, based on the advice of Leon and MICECC we have advised the team arriving on Wednesday to proceed with their trip.  Another team will start their return by sending some team members tomorrow and others on Thursday.  Later in the week we anticipate that additional teams will be able to arrive without issues based on the current assessment.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 9, 2018 9:00 p.m. Update

Based on news in today’s emails and phone calls from Haiti we are grateful that the protests and unrest appeared to be calmer and more peaceful.  The teams working with MICECC and HOM on the ground are in good spirits and well cared for.    Pastor Profaite shared in an email that “Today has been a much better day than the three past days. Life is gradually back to normal.“An HOM team worked in Cite Soleil today starting construction on a house while also helping with Vacation Bible School.  Another team was able to travel to visit the various MICECC campuses and see all of the good things happening as well as to see progress on new classrooms buildings at Repatriote and Barye Fe.  A third team which had arrived over a week ago was able to depart as scheduled.  It appears most flights were arriving and departing today when we checked throughout the day.    Our Haitian colleagues and HOM teams continue to exercise caution.

It appears that Cite Soleil and Repatriote have relatively few if any road blockages.  Terre Noire and areas beyond Barye Fe experienced more congestion due to tire burnings.  Ironically when Leon and I spoke today he remarked that being in Cite Soleil might be the safest place in Haiti these days!

We have recently heard some concerns (unverified at this time) that there could be additional protests starting mid-week.   Therefore, in order to be cautious HOM is advising teams who plan to arrive mid-week to cancel or delay their arrival.  One team in Haiti has also elected to shorten their stay.   Currently arrivals later in the week are not impacted but we will review the situation daily and confer with colleagues in Haiti.

Please continue to keep our MICECC colleagues, the communities in Cite Soleil, Terre Noire and Repatriote, and all of Haiti in your prayers as we hope for a peaceful and meaningful resolution to the current crisis.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 8, 2018 8:00 p.m. Update

This morning Chris Northup was in touch with those working with the Sherman team at the Atlanta airport to evaluate whether or not it was reasonable for that team to travel to Haiti as planned. Based on input from Haiti and looking at flights going into Haiti the team leadership made a decision to proceed  after being assured they would be picked up at the airport.  Early this morning Leon Dorleans had traveled and scouted the airport roads and confirmed that the airport was accessible.  It appeared that a number of carriers resumed flights mid-day to Port-au-Prince.  The Sherman team landed safely mid-afternoon.  They were met by Cenot and the MICECC taptaps after which they were taken to the guesthouse.

The other HOM teams in Port-au-Prince are doing fine and remain at their respective locations. One team will be departing on Monday morning just a few days late from the original departure as they had concluded their visit on Saturday.

Chris spoke with Leon earlier this evening and Leon reported that the situation was calmer and quieter than Saturday which in turn was less chaotic than Friday.  Major roads had been cleared and cleaned of debris but there apparently are still other roads that need to be cleared.  While there are rumors of a call for another general strike or protest on Monday (tomorrow) there is some serious question whether that will happen or can be sustained since many Haitians need to return to work or their everyday lives.   With the assistance of our MICECC friends there will be a daily evaluation on the ground in Haiti as to whether teams will remain in their respective locations, or proceed with some limited activities.  We are confident that decisions will be made with the safety and security of our teams in mind.

Please continue to keep Haiti, our teams in Haiti and our MICECC colleagues in your prayers.

Chris Northup

Demonstrations in Haiti – July 8, 2018 8:30 a.m. Update

This past Friday, July 6th  the Haitian government announced that subsidized fuel prices would be significantly increased as part of requirements for assistance from the International Monetary Fund.  This sparked countrywide protest and civil unrest throughout Haiti starting Friday.

As of  late Friday afternoon there had been no discernible effect on our teams.  A team from Suncrest Christian Church, staying at the guesthouse, had gone to the beach and a team from White Memorial had arrived at the airport mid-afternoon  and travelled to their accommodations without any noticeable evidence of any unrest.

Later Friday afternoon there were disruptions common to Haiti in these situations: tires burning and large debris/barriers blocking streets.  The best information is that these were occurring throughout the country but centering on the airport in Port au Prince. Profaite had attended a vocational school graduation but was required to travel home by motorcycle. Leon arrived at the airport from the U.S. and found it locked down to vehicle traffic. The Suncrest team’s return to Blanchard was stopped at its turn onto Route 9 but eventually returned to the guesthouse.

Yesterday and today (Sunday) flights to and from Port au Prince have been cancelled requiring an alteration and/or cancellation of mission trips. While everyone connected to HOM/MICECC is well and safe there is still unrest in the streets which makes vehicle travel difficult.  We have reached out to those teams whose arrivals were planned for this weekend in an attempt to keep everyone on the same page as to what to expect during current travel to Haiti and MICECC.

The Haitian government has announced a rollback of the fuel price increases so this should help return things to a more normal state.

Leon has visited with the teams as well as traveled to all of the campuses.  Team members appear to be doing well, are safe, and being taken care of by MICECC and others.   There has been a lot of publicity on CNN and the major networks but the footage has been covering the more sensational aspects but we believe that our teams and Haitian colleagues are in safe locations.  We have been in touch with Profaite, Leon, and teams throughout the weekend.  As we learn more we will keep you updated.

Please keep Haiti, its residents, the Haitian government leaders, our partners at MICECC, teams in and out of Haiti in your prayers.

Ben Mitcham and Chris Northup

Hurricane Irma Update

We thank you all for your prayers regarding Haiti. Irma has moved away from The island. There was just a light rain in Port-au-Prince. The rain and wind were heavier in the Northern part of Haiti. We did not receive an official report yet.but the first hand report has not mentioned many damages. The Haitian population is being asked to remain cautious. The schools will officially remained closed by the government for three days (Wednesday-Friday). We will continue to follow the process and report as additional information becomes available.   —  Pastor Profaite