Praying For Haiti

The past couple of weeks have been difficult for Haiti as protestors have blocked many of the streets throughout Port-au-Prince (and much of the country), and largely shutting down travel. Haitians continue to face shortages of fuel and food. Our HOM/MICECC schools on our four campuses closed this past week and our medical clinic in Cite Soleil had to stop seeing patients on Wednesday and was closed Thursday and Friday. Two medical team trips and our economic development and pastoral leadership classes scheduled for early October had to be cancelled.

We are staying in constant contact with Leon, Profaite, Jacky, Nadege, and others in leadership in our ministry in Haiti to get the latest updates. While they report that the situation is difficult, they also tell us that they and our campuses are safe. Unfortunately, when our schools and the medical clinic are closed, the students do not receive the daily lunches and many people do not receive the medical care they need.

I ask that you join us in praying for the people of Haiti, for calm and peace, for availability of food and fuel, for stability, and for God’s grace, love, and presence to be known. We are grateful for God’s care and the many ways that we can be in ministry in Haiti. Thank you for joining us on this journey of faith as we serve with our brothers and sister in Haiti.

Grace and Peace,

Gary Fulton
Executive Director

Haiti Visit Report 4-17-2019

HOM Board Chair Chris Northup and Executive Director Gary Fulton were in Haiti April 11-13 to meet with our MICECC partners and visit our campuses. While there they had the opportunity to be present during the morning devotionals at the Terre Noire school and talk with two mission teams. The education and medical team from Westminster Presbyterian Church, Durham, NC, and the Saint Francis medical team from Fort Wayne, IN, both gave enthusiastic reports of their time serving the people at Cite Soleil and Repatriate. We are grateful for their serving!

Watch our Team Participant Reports

On March 14, 2019, mission team participants share their experience in Haiti. Watch the latest videos on our YouTube Channel. Click on the YouTube icon at the top of our website.

Pastor Leon Perspective of Current Life in Haiti

Pastor Leon Dorleans, Founding Director, shares his perspective of current life in Haiti. This video was filmed on March 14. As you will see in his video, much of life has returned to “Haiti normal” and great work is being done. Even as some teams cannot travel to Haiti, the people of Haiti need our support and prayers.

Teams Visit Haiti

We are glad to report that three teams have visited Haiti in recent weeks doing construction projects and serving in the Medical Clinic. John Bruns led a team from Georgetown, Indiana, the week of March 12. They worked on various construction projects at the Repatriate campus. The Syria Church also did construction the week of March 22. Nikita Lindsay led a medical team the week of March 22, serving the Cite Soleil community. During the week Nikita reported, “We are having a great week in Haiti.” Her team did completed physicals on first graders at the Cite Soleil school, and saw many other patients in the clinic. We are grateful for the meaningful work done by each team.


Executive Director’s Haiti Visit Report

Gary Fulton, HOM Executive Director, made a quick trip to Haiti on Thursday, March 14, to visit Leon and Jacky Dorleans and our Haiti Outreach Ministries campuses. Gary writes, “Life seemed to be back to normal with lots of traffic and people on the roads. I visited two schools (Repatriote and Barye Fe) where students were in class. A mission team from Georgetown, IN was having a great experience working on projects at Repatriote. A lot of good things are happening in Haiti through Haiti Outreach Ministries and our mission partners. I hope and pray that Haiti will remain calm and the political situation stabilizes.”

3-4-19 Update on Unrest in Haiti

Pastor Leon Dorleans reports that all of our campuses are safe and Sunday worship was awesome on March 3. All four of our schools are open and the medical clinic is open. Leon says that Haiti has returned to business as usual. Our guest house is open and we are ready for teams to engage in mission work. Even with this good news it needs to be noted that the US State Department’s security alert for Haiti is level 4: Do Not Travel. Teams are advised to make the best decision for them when deciding about traveling to Haiti. We are grateful for your many ways of support.

2-20-19 Update on Unrest in Haiti

Sunday was a better day in Haiti with all three churches on our campuses having wonderful worship services with larger than usual attendance. Our four schools and our Cite Soleil medical clinic opened on Tuesday, although fewer students attended than usual and the clinic saw fewer patients than usual. Leon reports that businesses were back open and that traffic is back on the streets. This morning Leon reports that there is more traffic on the streets. Please continue to prayer for the people of Haiti and for there to be more stability and peace for Haiti.

2-16-19 Update on Unrest in Haiti

The situation in Haiti continues to be difficult and uncertain with street protests making travel difficult around Port-au-Prince. The availability of food and gasoline is limited. Leon was able to go to Petion-Ville to buy food on Friday. He reports while there was traffic in Petion-Ville, when he returned to lower Delmas there was not much traffic and less people on the street.

All of the Haiti Outreach Ministries’ schools remain closed, but all of the campuses are safe. We continue to monitor the situation and communicate with Leon and our other Haitian partners regularly. Please continue to pray for our mission partners, for all the people of Haiti, for an end to the unrest, and for peace and stability in Haiti.

Update on Unrest in Haiti

Update on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Based on updates from Pastor Leon we are cancelling all team trips to Haiti scheduled through at least the next week. At this time the grocery and building supply stores are closed and travel throughout the Port-au-Prince area is very limited. The guest house at Terre Noire is not able to supply food for groups and supplies for building projects are not available.

We continue to monitor the situation in Haiti and are staying in communication with Pastor Leon and our mission partners in Haiti. We will post updates regularly.