A Gift of Food


Due to a generous gift from First Presbyterian Church of Saline, MI, we were able to distribute food to 443 students of the Cite Soleil primary school. Each student received one big can (about 7lbs) of rice, 2 packs of pasta and one and 1/2 liters of oil. This wonderful gift of food will provide much needed nourishment for these students and their families. HOM and MICECC will be able to provide more food to help nourish these students because of this gift! We are grateful for First Presbyterian Church of Saline and all of our mission partners who love the people of Haiti and have donated generously to this effort to help feed those most in need during these difficult times.

HOM/MICECC Emergency Food Relief

11/15/19 – As the unsettled situation and unrest in Haiti continue to cause disruptions in the daily life of so many, Pastor Profaite shared the good news that food was distributed from the HOM/MICECC churches in Cite Soleil, Terre Noire, and Repatriote this past week. A total of 2,277 people in need received food, including beans, rice, oil, and pasta. We are grateful for the wonderful response to our Emergency Food Appeal and your wonderful outpouring of love for the people of Haiti. This is just the beginning of our food relief efforts. Please continue to pray for Haiti.  If you would like to donate to this cause, you can click here to make an online contribution.

Praying For Haiti

9/29/19 – The past couple of weeks have been difficult for Haiti as protestors have blocked many of the streets throughout Port-au-Prince (and much of the country), and largely shutting down travel. Haitians continue to face shortages of fuel and food. Our HOM/MICECC schools on our four campuses closed this past week and our medical clinic in Cite Soleil had to stop seeing patients on Wednesday and was closed Thursday and Friday. Two medical team trips and our economic development and pastoral leadership classes scheduled for early October had to be cancelled.

We are staying in constant contact with Leon, Profaite, Jacky, Nadege, and others in leadership in our ministry in Haiti to get the latest updates. While they report that the situation is difficult, they also tell us that they and our campuses are safe. Unfortunately, when our schools and the medical clinic are closed, the students do not receive the daily lunches and many people do not receive the medical care they need.

I ask that you join us in praying for the people of Haiti, for calm and peace, for availability of food and fuel, for stability, and for God’s grace, love, and presence to be known. We are grateful for God’s care and the many ways that we can be in ministry in Haiti. Thank you for joining us on this journey of faith as we serve with our brothers and sister in Haiti.

Grace and Peace,

Gary Fulton
Executive Director