25th Anniversary of Cite Soleil Church

Twenty-five years ago Leon Dorleans was asked to lead a Bible study in Cité Soleil. The people were hungry for the Word of God and he was able to serve them in that way.  Only the Lord knew that this simple Bible study would soon become something so much bigger.  Leon’s Bible study quickly grew to such large numbers that the group decided Leon should start a church.  As Leon tells the story, he told the group that if God wanted Leon to start a church, God needed to tell Leon that he was supposed to start a church.  And God did just that.

Leon received signs that he needed to work with these people as their leader and began his work as the senior pastor at Cité Soleil in March of 1988.  He wanted to do more than just preach, he wanted to train leaders and equip them to do the work.  Leon says that the true church grew as a result of that dream. There are now 4 churches, 4 schools, 2 medical clinics, 2 vocational schools, and now a new high school being built as a result of that first Bible study in the streets of Cité Soleil.

A special service was held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Cité Soleil Church on March 3, 2013.  Lay Pastor of the Repatriote church, Aly Honore, led the congregation in a number of praise songs.  Choirs from other HOM churches visited and shared their talents with the congregation at Cité Soelil.  Pastor Luc Aristhene conducted the sermon for the service.  Pastor Leon received a plaque to commemorate 25 years of ministry, as well as a number of other people recognized for their service to the ministry.  Six deacons, one deaconess, and one pastor were ordained and recognized by Pastors Leon, Profaite, and Luc.  The pastors prayed and laid hands on the men and woman to bless them and their ministry.

Leon often says the best is yet to come. He believes that his work is not about him but about God and that God has a much bigger dream than what Leon can even imagine.

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Pastor Leon Offers Seminar

Last fall, Pastor Leon delivered a seminar to around 130 young adult members of the Blanchard church. The members had requested this time with Leon to learn more about his younger life and how he reached the position where he is today. Leon spoke at length about his childhood, his dreams, the mistakes he has made, and most importantly how he used those mistakes to learn valuable lessons. He stressed the necessity of having a goal and a vision and being willing to work through the stressful times. Leon also challenged the students to not neglect education, stick to their plan, and above all never give up on attempting to follow God’s will in their lives.