Pastors’ Vehicle Needs

In the United States you are probably familiar with the never ending demands placed on the pastoral staff where they have to administer their churches, meet with committees both during the day and the evening, conduct Sunday worship, funerals and weddings, visit church members, and the list goes on. Therefore, it is critical that Pastor Luc and Pastor Profaite have reliable transportation allowing them to get where they need in a timely manner and not worry about vehicle problems.

Over the last year both Luc and Profaite have experienced major problems with their vehicles that have led to significantly higher maintenance costs and days where they don’t have access to their vehicle. If they don’t have their vehicle they are forced to use the Haitian mass transport system known as tap-taps which though relatively inexpensive require considerable time to get from one point to another. Both of them have incurred large repair bills but when one item is fixed it isn’t long before there is another major and costly item to repair.

HOM has recently reached a decision that it is necessary to assist Luc and Profaite with procurement of replacement vehicles due to the critical needs within their ministry and the high replacement costs. The cost of a new vehicle is approximately ,000 since these have to be imported into Haiti with customized and reinforced features for use on Haitian roads and to combat the accelerated wear and tear vehicles experience in Haiti. Even a used truck in good condition could cost as much as $25,000 but there aren’t as many available. Just to purchase two trucks for Luc and Profaite could easily run over $60,000. In time additional vehicles will be needed for use by other staff so HOM is asking supporters to give prayerful consideration to this critical need.

If you would like to help, please use the link below and select “Haitian Vehicle Fund.”


3/9/13 UPDATE:

Two trucks have been found and have been recommended for purchase. Among factors that were considered are: durability and longevity, availability of genuine parts in Haiti, and availability of local experienced mechanics. The approximate cost of each vehicle is $36,000.

Luc’s current truck is now inoperable and Luc has to rely on either mass transit or other means to get him to where he needs to be on a daily basis. Profaite’s truck is currently running although still in critical need of replacement.

Please pray with us that the funds will come available for this situation.


America, Haiti Is Watching… And Praying For You

By Pastor Luc Aristhene
Senior Pastor, Blanchard Church

It is quite often we hear our American friends say that they are praying for us and our country, Haiti. It is so encouraging to know that they really are, as we have gone, and continue to go through, trials and challenges as a nation. Some have carried Haiti in their hearts in many ways, including hanging a sign or a piece of art, others have made significant financial contributions to help make a difference in the life of our people, and some go beyond financial giving to commit a week, a month, a year, or even more, in order to come and be physically involved in making the difference in our country.

Interestingly, more than the personal involvement of American friends and churches, is the general influence America has on the day-to-day happenings in Haiti and many other countries. The recent presidential election in America is an example. The world was tuned in, America! The Haitian media covered the long process of the election through Election Day with as much enthusiasm and interest as one of the rare good elections held to date in Haiti.  We can say with no exaggeration that America sets the tone for the world, whether we want to admit it or not. In our case, most of the current influential leaders of our country – religious or political – are people who were either educated in America or have simply lived and worked in the United States for a number of years.  No wonder our life style and culture are so American oriented!

It goes without saying that when good things happen to and in America, it is good for us and, when bad things are happening in America, the rest of the world is so guided.

Now with that being true, what a privilege it is for individual American Christians and churches to continue to find ways to reach out and influence the world for Jesus! What a responsibility for America to remain true and consistent to values and beliefs that once made America the contagious and influential nation she has become!

We are praying for you America! We are praying for the Witnesses of the TRUTH to be bolder and more determined than ever before in passing on the right influence to a world that is always ready to jump at the next trend, no matter how evil or disastrous it is.

May God bless America! May He re-commission the Christians and may His churches continue to influence the world.