Cité Soleil

Cité Soleil is one of the poorest areas in the Western Hemisphere. While living conditions are very poor in this area, the strength and joy of the people is in great abundance. Cité Soleil was the first mission site that Leon Dorleans established in 1988.


Cité Soleil is the first and largest MICECC church, averaging 1,700 people in weekly worship. There are a variety of church activities throughout the week, including worship and prayer services, Sunday school classes, men, women and youth group meetings and Bible studies. Other activities include choir practices, evangelism groups, prayer groups, and much more. The HOM/MICECC church is very important to the Cite Soleil community.  Pastor Profaite Medeus has served as senior pastor since 2007.



The original medical clinic was established in 1996, and staffed by volunteer medical mission teams. After the 2010 earthquake, we welcomed the Samaritan’s Purse organization who used our facilities as a hub for their teams and funded the rebuilding of a new clinic building due to the original one was badly damaged in the disaster.  In 2012, the first story of the new larger clinic building was completed and in 2014 the second story, which houses the dental suites, a space to distribute reading glasses and the vocational school was completed.

In late summer of 2014, as originally planned Samaritan’s Purse departed and a Haitian medical staff was employed to run the clinic. Our two full time MDs, pharmacy and nursing staff treats approximately 250 patients per week, increasing to 600-800  per week when volunteer medical mission teams are on site. In 2015, two obstetrician/gynecologists joined the staff enabling us to better meet the needs of our pregnant women. Our goal is to continue to provide quality health care and to establish programs for vaccines and wellness for the community.

Cite Soleil Clinic

Vocational School

The vocational school at Cité Soleil has been up and running for 12 years.  Our school teaches Sewing and Advanced Sewing classes where students learn how to make clothes, bags, ties, and embroidery. Items made by the sewing students are sold in the Terre Noire gift shop. Beginning in 2013, computer classes were offered at the Terre Noire campus, and in 2014 the program was expanded to the Cité Soleil campus. Students are taught basic computer skills, word and spreadsheet programs. These skills will enable them to compete for jobs in office and business settings.

Primary School

The Primary School has a current enrollment of 387 students. The Cité Soleil School includes classes for Pre-K to 6th grade students. Joseph Yves is the Assistant Principal and has been with HOM since 2004.


Meet Pastor Profaite Medeus, Senior Pastor of Cité Soleil Church


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