Continuing Education

Primary education in Haiti is only through the sixth grade. If a student passes the national sixth grade exam, they are eligible to enroll in continuing education (CE) schools. These schools are for grades seven through 13 and allow not only for further academic instruction, but also for classes specifically designed for students to learn a trade or skill. Programs for CE students include (but are not limited to) International Studies, Tourism, Computer Science, Business, Telecommunications, Hotel Management, Nursing, and Medical Lab Technician.

Many Haitian children who are able to attend primary school are unable to continue in school due to the expense of higher education. HOM and MICECC work to aid students who complete primary school and pass the national exam by providing a continuing education (CE) sponsorship program. Any Student that qualifies to continue their education may move on to the new HOM School at Baryè Fè or be placed in another NGO secondary school in Haiti. They do so while remaining under the guidance of our Superintendent of schools. Transportation, tuition and school supplies are provided through sponsorship donations. There are currently 80 students at Baryè Fè and over 230 students enrolled in other secondary schools with the help of HOM sponsorships.

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In September 2015, HOM/MISECC opened a new secondary school located near Terre Noire in the Bary Fè neighborhood. The Baryè Fè School allows students to continue their secondary school education under the same outstanding leadership they received as primary school students. The HOM/MICECC secondary school allows us to not only educate the students in a Christian environment, but also continue to include them in our student nutrition program and reduce commuting times, since most students live close to our churches and primary schools. It will be more cost effective as we can control tuition and expenses as well as maintaining the high standard of education we strive to achieve for our students. Finally, we will create jobs for qualified applicants in the community. The first module for 7th grade students opened in September 2015, and build out planned to continue through Grade 13.

The cost for sponsoring a continuing education student is $60/month.

Following graduation from 13th grade, students may compete in a scholarship program to attend college. Our students have completed all levels of schooling and many are pursuing collegiate degrees. We are proud that our college graduates are now working as doctors, nurses, teachers, administrators, interpreters, and engineers. Again, education is critical for the future of Haiti.

The cost for sponsoring a College student is $75/month. This covers the average tuition at a Haitian college.

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