Darlene Lumpkin

Darlene Lumpkin first traveled to Haiti with her church, Mt. Sylvan United Methodist, in 2010. She explains “somewhere between the slaughtering of the goat in the community and the women scrubbing clothes by hand, her heart was changed, and she realized she would never be the same.” Darlene resigned from her 15-year career when she returned home because she realized true abundance was being at home for her family. She now leads teams for her church. She has taken her husband, daughter, niece and many other great friends from her church so they can experience for themselves and have their hearts touched. After searching the right fit for Darlene to serve in the ministry, she agreed to accept the Financial Secretary role in 2016 and continues to serve in that role.

Darlene is married to Mike and they live in Bahama, NC where they are raising their teenage children Grace and Seth. She stays very busy with her commitments and still finds time to serve HOM.