Demonstrations in Haiti – July 12, 2018 9:30 a.m. Update

Reports from our Haitian colleagues this morning and throughout yesterday suggest that conditions appear to be back to normal.  Yesterday (July 11) it was reported in the news and other sources that there were pockets of demonstrations throughout Port-au-Prince but they were 1) not in areas that impacted our teams and activities and 2) apparently not at the levels of those last weekend which caused extreme disruptions.  On Wednesday, one team arrived without incident at the Port-au-Prince airport while another group left without any issues.  Another group is scheduled to depart today in two waves.  We have not heard of any issues for teams traveling around or getting to and from the airport.

We expect teams in Haiti to continue normally scheduled activities today including Vacation Bible School and construction activities.

At this time based our current understanding and assessment we still anticipate that teams will be able to arrive without issues.  However, we also recognize that each team needs to evaluate their situation and comfort level given the events over the past week.  We want to ensure that each team is making the best decision for its team members and their families.

Pastor Profaite Medeus’ wife Francia is undergoing a scheduled C-section today and so we want to keep them in our prayers.

Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers.

Chris Northup