Demonstrations in Haiti – July 8, 2018 8:00 p.m. Update

This morning Chris Northup was in touch with those working with the Sherman team at the Atlanta airport to evaluate whether or not it was reasonable for that team to travel to Haiti as planned. Based on input from Haiti and looking at flights going into Haiti the team leadership made a decision to proceed  after being assured they would be picked up at the airport.  Early this morning Leon Dorleans had traveled and scouted the airport roads and confirmed that the airport was accessible.  It appeared that a number of carriers resumed flights mid-day to Port-au-Prince.  The Sherman team landed safely mid-afternoon.  They were met by Cenot and the MICECC taptaps after which they were taken to the guesthouse.

The other HOM teams in Port-au-Prince are doing fine and remain at their respective locations. One team will be departing on Monday morning just a few days late from the original departure as they had concluded their visit on Saturday.

Chris spoke with Leon earlier this evening and Leon reported that the situation was calmer and quieter than Saturday which in turn was less chaotic than Friday.  Major roads had been cleared and cleaned of debris but there apparently are still other roads that need to be cleared.  While there are rumors of a call for another general strike or protest on Monday (tomorrow) there is some serious question whether that will happen or can be sustained since many Haitians need to return to work or their everyday lives.   With the assistance of our MICECC friends there will be a daily evaluation on the ground in Haiti as to whether teams will remain in their respective locations, or proceed with some limited activities.  We are confident that decisions will be made with the safety and security of our teams in mind.

Please continue to keep Haiti, our teams in Haiti and our MICECC colleagues in your prayers.

Chris Northup