Demonstrations in Haiti – July 9, 2018 9:00 p.m. Update

Based on news in today’s emails and phone calls from Haiti we are grateful that the protests and unrest appeared to be calmer and more peaceful.  The teams working with MICECC and HOM on the ground are in good spirits and well cared for.    Pastor Profaite shared in an email that “Today has been a much better day than the three past days. Life is gradually back to normal.“An HOM team worked in Cite Soleil today starting construction on a house while also helping with Vacation Bible School.  Another team was able to travel to visit the various MICECC campuses and see all of the good things happening as well as to see progress on new classrooms buildings at Repatriote and Barye Fe.  A third team which had arrived over a week ago was able to depart as scheduled.  It appears most flights were arriving and departing today when we checked throughout the day.    Our Haitian colleagues and HOM teams continue to exercise caution.

It appears that Cite Soleil and Repatriote have relatively few if any road blockages.  Terre Noire and areas beyond Barye Fe experienced more congestion due to tire burnings.  Ironically when Leon and I spoke today he remarked that being in Cite Soleil might be the safest place in Haiti these days!

We have recently heard some concerns (unverified at this time) that there could be additional protests starting mid-week.   Therefore, in order to be cautious HOM is advising teams who plan to arrive mid-week to cancel or delay their arrival.  One team in Haiti has also elected to shorten their stay.   Currently arrivals later in the week are not impacted but we will review the situation daily and confer with colleagues in Haiti.

Please continue to keep our MICECC colleagues, the communities in Cite Soleil, Terre Noire and Repatriote, and all of Haiti in your prayers as we hope for a peaceful and meaningful resolution to the current crisis.

Chris Northup