Donation FAQs

HOM offers a number of ways to make a donation. You can give a one-time donation, or set up recurring monthly or yearly donations. Donations are accepted for a specific ministry area, project or to the general fund account for use as needed. Our on-line system allows you to manage your account, receive acknowledgements of your donations and view your donation history. HOM is registered as a 501(c)(3) religious charity.

Already a donor? Go to the Donate Now page to set up and manage your account.

Credit cards accepted for one-time or recurring donations include Visa, MasterCard or Discover. HOM incurs a 3% transaction fee for processing credit card transactions. We appreciate your consideration in adding to your donation to cover this cost. See the information on Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to give without a transaction fee. Click here to go to our donation site and enrollment form

Please make checks payable to HOM and include the project, ministry or the sponsor child’s name on the memo line. Checks sent without this information are credited to the General Fund.

Donation address:
Haiti Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 71042
Durham, NC 27722

Note: this is the business address only, please do not send mail for sponsor students – see Sponsorship page for information regarding how to correspond with your student.


EFT is an easy and efficient method for recurring monthly giving. There are minimal transaction fees incurred by HOM. Click here to go to our donation site and enrollment form.


Are donations to HOM tax deductible? Donations made to HOM and designated for HOM ministries are tax deductible. This includes donations for the sponsorships of students, projects, churches and clinic expenses. Non-cash gifts for these purposes are also deductible when handled according to IRS regulations. HOM cannot accept personal gifts for staff in Haiti or an individual, nor accept funds from teams to pay airfare, off-campus housing or other personal expenses. If you have any questions regarding a specific gift or donation, email


How do I make a donation? You can make a donation by check or money order and mail to P. O. Box 71042  Durham, NC 27722. Donations can also be made by credit card on-line at the HOM website. Electronic fund transfers (EFTs) automatically deduct your monthly donation from your checking or savings account. This process is usually easier for donors and saves administrative costs and postage for HOM.


How do I find out the needs of the ministry? A list of the current ministry needs as well as on-going ministry support accounts are found on our “DONATE NOW” web page. We always need sponsors to provide support for a student, for our building projects and our churches, schools and clinic. Contributions to the general fund offer us the greatest flexibility to efficiently respond to emergency needs or changes in priorities.

Contact for more information about special projects.


Can I choose how my donation is used? HOM and MICECC leaders work together to determine ministry needs and priorities. A list of ministry support programs is available on our “DONATE NOW” web page. You designate which ministry program to support or you may donate to the general fund to be used as needed. HOM tries to honors the designations of our donors, however, for legal and tax reasons, all donations to HOM are under the control of our governing board and subject to our policies. You may contact us with questions at


How does HOM acknowledge my donation? Those using our online donation web site or EFTs will receive an email confirmation after the transaction and an end of the year (EOY) IRS statement. For checks or money orders received by mail, HOM sends a thank-you note to each donor usually within four weeks after the donation is received and an end of the year (EOY) IRS statement. Off-line donors can also choose to receive an email confirmation in lieu of mailed receipts to help keep administration costs down.


How does HOM acknowledge my non-cash gift? Non-cash gifts are acknowledged through a donation receipt. HOM cannot state a value or place a value for such gifts.


How much are HOM administrative fees? The average administrative fee for Christian mission organizations is 12%; HOM strives to keep administrative fees below this number. These costs include, but are not limited to, managing ministry expenses, office supplies, postage for receipts, EOY statements and newsletters, legal counsel, insurance, etc.


How is HOM held accountable for handling my gifts? HOM considers effective use of ministry resources a matter of stewardship responsibility and accuracy in reporting and fundraising a matter of integrity. HOM files the form 990 with the IRS.


What does HOM do with my name and address information? HOM is committed to protect the identity of its donors. We do not share or rent our list of donors with any other organization.


Can I make a donation in honor or memory of an individual? Charitable donations may be made to one of our ministry support accounts in honor or memory of person and will be acknowledged by a receipt to the donor and thank you note to the person or person’s family (if that information is provided with the gift).


Can HOM accept donations of stock? Yes, HOM has an account with a brokerage house to allow donors to transfer stock to HOM. Contact for additional information.