Why Sponsor

Change a life through sponsorship!  We believe that education is important for a child’s development and offers them an opportunity to succeed in life. In Haiti there is no free public education system in Haiti, 80% of Haitian primary education is provided by schools run by churches and benevolent organizations. HOM/MICECC operates 3 primary schools and a secondary school supported by donations and our sponsorship program. By offering a quality education supported by a strong foundation of Christian values our students develop life skills necessary to reach their full potential in Christ.  By Sponsoring through our program, you invest in the future of these students, equipping them to positively impact their communities and the world

Through our sponsorship program, we offer a chance for students to receive quality academic instruction in a Christian environment.  For our donors, sponsorship provides an opportunity to connect with a child in need and to develop a personal relationship that can last a lifetime!

Funds donated to the sponsorship program are utilized to support all of the students in each of the educational levels. Read more about our schools and sponsorship programs here:



Ready to sponsor? Go to our on-line donation site and follow the directions to choose a student to sponsor and set up your payment options OR print and complete the application form in the Sponsorship Brochure (see link below) and send it with your first payment to:

Haiti Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 71042
Durham, NC 27722
Please allow 4 weeks processing time to receive acknowledgement of your gift and additional information about your sponsor student.

For More Information about Sponsoring a Primary Student, Contact:
Primary Sponsorship Directors: Dawn Walker 

For More Information about Sponsoring a Continuing Education Student, Contact:
Continuing Education Director: Dawn Walker


Want more information?   We encourage individuals, churches and other organizations to help promote sponsorship. Click here to access a tri-fold brochure ready for printing. The brochure provides  information about our sponsorship program and includes an application form for sponsorship and options for donations. Please share this brochures with family, friends and co-workers; consider hosting a sponsorship event, or ask family and friends to sponsor a student in lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts.

See how sponsorship has touched lives