Hurricane Irma Information

September 16

Dear Ministry partners,

We are sorry to hear of how Irma has greatly affected some of your communities. We pray that the Lord will enable the affected people to recover as soon as possible from the aftermaths of this terrible storm. We in Haiti thank you for your prayers. God has spared Haiti from the wrath of the storm and our ministry in particular. There is no real damage to report. The Haitian government was cautious by closing the schools for three days and that proved to be helpful. Fortunately, everything has worked out nicely here and all activities have restored.

Abundant blessings to you all!

Pastor Profaite Medeus

September 11

We thank you all for your prayers regarding Haiti. Irma has moved away from The island. There was just a light rain in Port-au-Prince. The rain and wind were heavier in the Northern part of Haiti. We did not receive an official report yet.but the first hand report has not mentioned many damages. The Haitian population is being asked to remain cautious. The schools will officially remained closed by the government for three days (Wednesday-Friday). We will continue to follow the process and report as additional information becomes available.   —  Pastor Profaite