Hurricane Matthew Information

Hurricane Matthew Update 10/9/2016 3:00 PM

A message from The President of Haiti Outreach Ministries

Dear partners,

14589598_1617804145183551_389981955862134879_o-copyOur hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti, especially those in southern Haiti, who are struggling to recover from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Our colleagues in Port-au-Prince at all four campuses were fortunate not to have as severe damage as many of you have seen in southern Haiti. But many houses especially in Cite Soleil were flooded and there is much debris to clean up. There is also much disruption in people’s lives and concern for friends and families in other parts of Haiti that suffered more.

As we shared earlier HOM has sent relief funds to provide food and other support to those in need. Stop Hunger Now was able to provide some of their food packages to contribute to this effort. Our colleagues led by Pastors Profaite, Luc and Jean Charles will make the determination as to how best to assist those in need. In addition we are concerned about the health issues such as cholera and are fortunate that Dr. Quency our medical director has been making preparations to deal with these issues including the stockpiling of medicines and supplies that will likely be needed. The disruption in the daily lives of people in our communities has led to reduced opportunities for earning a living and was one reason we had provided food relief very quickly until people can recover and return to the daily routines.

14567563_1617805905183375_560650700690618779_o-copyMany of you have asked how you can support the relief efforts and what is needed. We are accepting designated dollars for relief and will be working through our Haitian partners utilizing local connections to deliver assistance to the most affected areas of Haiti. Any support received by us directly indicating Hurricane Matthew will be applied in this manner. Click here to help!

Please continue to show your love and care for all of Haiti and to pray for families in southern Haiti who have lost loved ones, who were injured, and for the tens of thousands who are now homeless in southern Haiti.


Chris Northup


If you would like to support the relief effort we are leading in Haiti, you may do so in three ways.

Online: Select the Donate Now button at the top of this page and click on Hurricane Relief.cite-soleil-flooding-3

TEXT: GIVE to (234) 386-1043

Mail your support to:

Haiti Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 71042
Durham, NC 27722

Reference “Hurricane Relief”

20161004_131914_resized_2Hurricane Matthew Update 10/6/2016 11:38 AM

Dear Concerned Friends,

We have receive this email below from pastor Profaite in Haiti with an update on the situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and the effect this storm has had on the ministry and the people living in the communities. Thank you for your ongoing concern and prayers.


HOM Board of Directors

Good morning,

We thank and praise the Lord for protecting us from the hurricane Matthew. Thanks be to God, we have not experience any damage or flooding on our four campuses. Activities are gradually returning to normal in Haiti since the storm has passed with the exception of school classes that are scheduled to resume on Monday

On Tuesday, the church leaders at Terre Noire distributed some emergency kits including rice, pasta and oil to people in the Terre Noire community as a first response to the disaster. Family Health Ministries have a medical group on site that is working throughout the week.

Everything is well at Barye Fe, the secondary school site. Ebenezer BC, a group that has been with us since Friday 30th of September worked yesterday at the Barye Fe with their construction crew building benches for the school.

At Menelas, (Repatriote) everything goes well also, except some accumulation of water in parts of the neighborhood still remains; there was no water inside the campus proper.

On Tuesday, the church leaders in Cite Soleil went out to the community to distribute over 300 emergency kits including rice, pasta and oil. We still have 200 kits to share and plan on doing so in the near future. There was flooding in some parts of the community on Tuesday but that did last very long. However, it did leave a large amount of trash in the road and water remained in some homes. As you know, most houses in Cite Soleil are in very bad condition and any small flooding event or rain can have a huge impact on them due to the roof leaking and water coming up from the floor. Today, a visiting team from Ebenezer BC is working at the kitchen in Cite Soleil.

Thank you all again,


Update, Hurricane Matthew 10/5/2016 7:24 AM


As of Tuesday evening Stop Hunger Now who provides HOM and MICECC assistance with food packets authorized MICECC to distribute these items to the community from the existing inventory in Haiti to assist the people in these difficult times. Additionally, MICECC began distributing rice, beans and oil in the three communities using relief funds authorized by HOM.

If you would like to support the relief effort we are leading in Haiti, you may do so in three ways.

Online: Select the Donate Now button and click on Hurricane Relief.

TEXT: GIVE to (234) 386-1043

Mail your support to:

Haiti Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 71042
Durham, NC 27722

Reference “Hurricane Relief”

20161004_134957_resized_1Update, Hurricane Matthew 10/4/2016 8:45 PM

We received an email from Pastor Profaite a short time ago. We are encouraged by this report and continue to ask for your prayers for our Haitian friends as they assess the situation in their communities. Below is a brief excerpt from Profaite’s email.

Good Evening my friends,

We spent a very good day despite the situation in Haiti. The day was not overall bad. It was lightly raining throughout the day and is raining more strongly right now but there is no wind as it was last night and this morning. I was in Cité Soleil this afternoon. At the north entrance of Cité Soleil, the road and some houses at Project Drouillard were flooded. Key church leaders (church board members and deacons) and I went out to the communities to give out some kits as a relief effort. We expect to do more throughout the week.

I thank you all for your prayers and support.



20161004_135210_resized_1Update, Hurricane Matthew 10/4/2016 9:13 AM

We have heard from Pastor Profaite and Pastor Leon has recently spoken with his wife, Miss Jacky. They report that at this time after speaking with key leaders on all our campuses everything is going well so far.  None of the locations have yet been greatly affected other than a serious amount of wind and rainfall. There are reports in the South and Southeast part of Haiti that has sustained some serious damage and loss of life.  We will continue to offer updates as they become available and again request your prayers as we all wait for the storm to pass.

Update In preparation of Hurricane Matthew 10/3/2016 8:49 PM

HOM, in communication with our partners in Haiti have recommended the relocation of two generators from our further inland campuses of Terre Noire and Baryè Fè to the Cité Soleil and Menelas (Repatriote) sites located near the coastline. We have also disbursed the necessary funds to acquire enough fuel to run and operate the equipment being re-tasked.  This will supply the necessary power to operate the water systems for several days in these locations and provide safe drinking water for the people seeking refuge on our grounds during their time with us.

Posted 10/3/16 – 2:05 PM

Any further notices and information we receive, will be posted on this page.  Please stay tuned and be in prayer for our Haitian brothers and sisters!

Posted 10/3/16 – 2:00 PM EDT

Dear Brother and Sisters,

As many of you may have heard, Matthew, a category 4 hurricane is arriving in Haiti and Cuba as you read this message. Our beloved Haitian friends are about to experience a storm of very serious magnitude from a direction that has not often occurred in Haiti. The concerns in this case are the potential for far larger storm surges into the western side of the country and extreme rainfall amounts. Due to the locations of two of our mission sites, we believe they are most vulnerable to the surge. Please read an excerpt of the message HOM has sent to our leadership in Haiti.


….While we know you are aware of the approaching hurricane, we want to point out that the track of the hurricane passing Haiti going north will produce strong westerly winds Tuesday after passing Haiti.  This direction may give rise to a potential large storm surge in the bay that may affect the low lying areas of Menelas (Repatriote) and Cité Soleil with strong high tides. We should be prepared to accept residents who may not be able to move inland from the surge to take refuge in our campuses, especially the second floors, roofs and even our sanctuaries as points of safety….

Bondye bon,


Please keep our dear friends in your prayers as they face this weather phenomenon. We also ask you forward this to anyone you know that would like to also be praying for these folks. We appreciate all your support and care you have shown the ministry over the years and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.


HOM Board of Directors.