Invite Us to Visit You

We welcome the opportunity to share the good news of our ministry and ways your church or group can get involved in making a tangible difference in Haiti. Our Haitian leaders travel to the U.S. and Canada at various times throughout the year, and HOM’s Executive Director and Board Members are also available throughout the year to share information about our work. An in-person visit can be a great time to learn more about mission trip opportunities, host a HOM Sponsorship Drive, or hear a testimonial about the way God is working in the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters in the face of great struggle.

Although there are no fees involved, contributions to help defray travel and housing expenses are greatly appreciated. We appreciate your flexibility in scheduling, as we strive to keep travel itineraries as efficient as possible. Pastors and representatives are also available during the week, so please consider this option for a visit as there are a limited number of Sundays.

If your church or organization would like to schedule a visit by a member of our Haitian or US leadership, please click here to send us a request. We’d love to hear from you!