Jacky Dorleans

Jacky Dorleans (Leon’s wife and Nadege’s mom) serves as the superintendent of schools. Her work has deeply impacted hundreds of young Haitians who have been enrolled in HOM-supported schools in Haiti. The achievements of these students would not be possible without Jacky’s professional skills and faithful dedication.

Jacky was born in Cap-Haitian, a city on the Northern coast of Haiti. She completed all of her schooling, from kindergarten to university, at the very best schools that Haiti could offer. She fluently speaks French, Creole, and English.

Her educational background is diverse. She attended medical school for four years at University Henry Christophe in Cap-Haitian and then studied psychology at Faculte d’Ethnologie in Port-au-Prince. She furthered her education in school management at the University of Science of Education as well as studied advanced English at the Haitian-American Institute and computer science at the French Institute, all in Port-au-Prince. She was awarded a Certificate of Honor & Merit from the Leadership Training Institute for her many contributions as interpreter, translator, and student .

As school superintendent, Jacky is responsible for overseeing students at the three primary schools and at the secondary school. She supervises over 110 teachers, the secretary, nurse, and librarians.

When she was asked in 2008 what her hope was for the HOM schools in the next ten years, she answered, “I hope and pray that our schools will keep their reputations as the best schools in the community for their standards of excellence.” Through perseverance, discipline, hard work, and prayers, the HOM schools have indeed maintained their reputation and are regarded as amongst the best schools anywhere in Haiti. Jacky thanks God and HOM sponsors/supporters for all these accomplishments. She prays that we may continue to bring glory to our Lord by dedicating ourselves more fully and together educate more Haitian children who are the hope for a better future in Haiti.