Mission Trip Forms and Resources

Team Leaders provide the necessary organization to mobilize volunteers from churches, community and other organizations into Mission Teams who contribute essential services at HOM’s mission sites. Here is an outline of the process for organizing a team.

1.  Determine the kind of work that your team would like to do:
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Medical and Dental
    • Vacation Bible School
2.  Consider the following as you recruit and organize your team:
    • Team participants should be at least 15 years of age and in good health.  Team members younger than age 16 must be accompanied by a parent.
    • Teams generally stay a week and come prepared to finance their ministry while in Haiti.
    • A team size of 18 people is recommended, due to safety concerns and logistics.
    • Teams with more than 18 members require special approval
    • The housing at Terre Noire can accommodate 36 -38 individuals
    • We currently do NOT accept individual volunteers but will make every effort to pair individuals with existing teams or with other individuals to form a team.
3.  Secure your travel dates with our Trip Coordinator:
    • Determine a first and second choice for your travel dates. Although we will try to accommodate all requests, our first priority is to schedule teams in evenly distributed intervals throughout the year and as resources and space allow.  Even teams staying outside the Blanchard complex require project and transportation coordination.
    • Submit Team Leader name and contact information, group size and composition (number of men and women), the type of work anticipated and any housing needs.
    • Do not pay for travel or other arrangements until your trip date is approved; HOM is not responsible for loss of deposits or fares paid prior to receiving mission trip confirmation.
    • Please allow 2 weeks for a reply
    • In subsequent e-mails always include in the subject lineThe name of your organization or team leader, the arrival date and exit date for your trip (for example John Smith Team, 6/11/2013 to 6/18/2013).
4.  Submit your registration form:
    •  Download the Team Registration Form, a Word document, that can be completed and emailed to Trip Coordinator.  Refer to bottom of form for instructions.
    • After you have completed the form, you can use our Team Registration link to upload and send it to the HOM Trip Coordinator.

Team Registration

5.  Read “Mission Guidelines”

For detailed instructions on completing the application process and additional information for preparing for a mission trip.

 Mission Trip Guidelines

6.  Visit the Mission Forms page.

For downloadable forms and resources.

Mission Team Forms