Nadege Gay

Nadege Gay, daughter of Jacky and Leon Dorleans, is the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for HOM. In this role, Nadege oversees the operation of the three primary schools at Terre Noire, Cite Soleil, and Repatriote.

Nadege was born in Cap Haitian, a city on the northern coast of Haiti. She speaks four languages: French, Creole, English and Spanish. After completing high school in Haiti, Nadege attended a community college in Jacksonville, Florida where she received an associate of arts degree in Business Administration. In 2013, Nadege received a scholarship to attend Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she completed her undergraduate degree, graduating with honors in May 2015. In 2018, Nadege earned an online master’s degree in school leadership through Gardner-Webb University.

Nadege is a very talented young woman who has made a big impact on the schools and the community. For example, although ninety-nine percent of the elementary schools in Haiti do not have libraries, Nadege knew the importance of children having access to books. She found a small room at Terre Noire which was being used for storage and transformed it into a library! Now all the HOM schools have libraries and they are an integral part of the children’s education.

After the terrible earthquake in January 2010, Leon and Jacky, along with a church in Indiana, started a girl’s home, House of Hope, which is now home to fifteen girls. Nadege oversees the operation of House of Hope, and the children call her mom. Nadege loves helping children learn and being a mother to the fifteen girls at House of Hope.

Nadege’s passion is to continue to work in the ministry until they tell her they don’t need her anymore! In her free time, Nadege enjoys outdoor activities, aerobic classes, biking, reading a good book, and watching movies.