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Our newsletter, published several times a year, offers news and updates on what is happening in Haiti, in our ministries, and in the lives of those involved with HOM and MICECC. Access the latest HOM newsletter here.

August 2015 Newsletter
November 2014 Newsletter
August 2014 Newsletter
November 2013 Newsletter

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HOM Brochures

We offer two printable brochures about HOM and MICECC and our work in Haiti. The HOM Brochure provides an overview of our ministry in Haiti and ways you can help. Our second brochure offers information on our student sponsorship program. Please share these with family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. Help spread the news how God is working in Haiti!

HOM Trifold May 2014
SPONSORSHIP Trifold November 2015


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 Please visit our web-site for the most current information on projects, needs and contact information.