Our Leadership

HOM functions under the guidance of a highly engaged and active Board of Directors, who bring functional expertise in many key areas. For the bulk of HOM’s existence, there were no paid employees, and Board members served largely as volunteer staff. With the growth of the ministry and increased organizational complexity, HOM hired its first Executive Director in 2018. A part-time Sponsorship Director manages HOM’s commitment to educational access for students in HOM-supported schools.

HOM exists to support its Haitian partner, Mission Communautaire de l’Église Chrétienne des Cités (MICECC). The programs supported by HOM are led by MICECC and the Haitian people.

Officers & Staff

Carol Vassey, Chair
Raleigh, NC

Carol Anne Moehring, Finance Chair/Treasurer
Raleigh, NC

Ben Mitcham, Secretary
Gray, GA

Caroline Chambre Hammock, Executive Director, chammock@haitiom.org, 917-683-1993
Charlotte, NC

Dawn Walker, Financial & Sponsorship Secretary, primsponsor@haitiom.org, 704-269-8149
Charlotte, NC

Board of Directors

John Bruns
Georgetown, IN

Leon Dorleans, Founding Director
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Steve Engle, Communications
Morristown, NJ

Rick Giles. Construction
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Nikita Lindsay, Healthcare
Charlotte, NC


David RaineyHealthcare
Winston-Salem, NC

Wick Smith
Fayetteville, NC

Maddie Wilkins
Dallas, TX



Profaite Medeus
President, MICECC
Senior Pastor, Cité Soleil Church

Luc Aristhene
Senior Pastor, Terre Noire Church

Pierre Jean Charles
Senior Pastor,  Repatriote Church

Jacky Dorleans
Superintendent of Schools

Advisory Board

Mike Baker Moorestown, NJ
Bart Edwards Mount Pleasant SC
Steve Engle Moorestown, NJ HOM Board Liaison
Gary Fulton Cary, NC Staff Liaison
Jeb Jeutter Raleigh, NC Chair
Tom Lawson Winston-Salem, NC
Bill McLees Macon, GA
Rick Raines Mechanicsville, VA
Rick Wesley Winston-Salem, NC