Our Leadership

HOM functions under the authority of a Board of Directors and in cooperation with our Haitian partner, MICECC (Mission Communautaire de l’Eglise Chretienne des Cites). All North American leadership positions are volunteers, with the exception of our part time sponsorship director - Dawn Walker. We believe that each of us is given talents and abilities by God to further His kingdom (Ephesians 4:11). We are fortunate to have expertise in many functional areas: financial, medical, marketing, nutrition, education, construction, leadership, administration, communication, and others.


Chris Northup, President
Cary, NC

Carol Anne Moehring, Vice President/ Treasurer / Chair Finance
Raleigh, NC

Carol Vassey, Secretary
Raleigh, NC

Board of Directors

Barry BoydCommunications
Timberlake, NC

Leon Dorleans, Founding Director
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Pat GunterWorkforce Training/Economic Development
Chapel Hill, NC

Robert O’BrienChief Engineer; Chair Construction
St. Augustine, FL

Diane PayneSecondary school
Raleigh, NC

Joseph PowellClean water/ Solar/Safety/Security & Maintenance
Pascagoula, MS

Tad PrewittConstruction
Fayetteville, NC

David RaineyHealthcare
Winston-Salem, NC

Wick SmithIT/ Personnel
Fayetteville, NC

Rick WesleyDevelopment
Winston-Salem, NC



Luc Aristhene
Senior Pastor of Terre Noire (Blanchard) Church

Profaite Medeus
Senior Pastor of Cité Soleil Church, President MICECC Board of Directors

Pierre Jean Charles
Pastor of Menelas (Repatriote) Church

David Armistead
Mechanicsville, VA