Our Mission Sites – Old

The work of Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) and our Haitian partner, Mission Communautaire de l’Eglise Chretienne des Cites (MICECC), is done at three mission sites plus our new secondary school at Baryè Fè.  Each of the three original sites is anchored with the sound foundation of a church whose congregants worship and fellowship regularly. Each church campus supports a school, medical care and a clean water program to help meet the needs of the people. The Baryè Fè site includes the secondary school which will be built out to include grades 7-13 with future plans for a vocational school and a Bible college. Baryè Fè is located in the Terre Noire community, one of the three original sites and their church serves this campus.

Pastor Luc of the Terre Noire Christian Churches describes the outreach efforts of the churches …

Our churches are well alive and active in carrying out the Great Commission. Here are some of the many continuing outreach efforts undertaken by our different congregations:

  1. Involvement of believers and church members in the ministry of the church – We highly encourage our congregants to get involved and be part of one of the many ministries of the churches.
  2. A planned strategy to invite people to come to church – church members are instructed on a regular basis to “multiply their Talent” by inviting someone to church on Sundays. We welcome the new visitors and register their names. If those people come back for a couple more visits within three months, they are given a new complete Bible as a special gift. A Bible is given also to the church member who has invited them and encouraged them to keep coming. Most of the time during those visits, the visitors will end up giving their lives to Jesus or joining the church as new members.
  3. Our Ministry of Integration and Follow-up – It is our commitment at the church to reach out during the week to every single person who has visited us in our Sunday worship service. This group is a task force of lay-leaders whose job is to make that happen through door-to-door visits; phone calls and text message.
  4. Taking the Church to the Community – This is an outreach effort consisting in closing the sanctuary’s door one Sunday afternoon a month in order to go out into the community to visit and encourage other believers and to proclaim the Good News of Word of God to the unsaved.
  5. Annual Revival – This takes place once or twice a year where we hold a week of revival in all our churches. During that effort visiting preachers from other congregations are invited to preach the Word.
  6. Annual Mission Outreach – This is a significant outreach effort in our churches that takes place between July and August in our different congregations. We usually go to another remote area of Haiti after much prayer and consideration to hold a week of evangelism during the day and revival during the evening. Most of the time, we work in partnership with a local congregation to which we direct all the fruits of our work, meaning those who have received the Jesus Christ and have been restored to their Faith after having left the church.
  7. Our Testimony in the Community – I should notice, at the end, that our “presence” in the life of the communities is another great way people are being drawn to Christ. We do everything that we do with the motivation that people will see Christ at work in us. Providing potable water, healthcare; food distribution, education; helping with any situation of need in the community, all that has been instrumental in bringing people to Christ.


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