Popular Canadian Musician Lends A Hand

Thanks to the support of Paul Brandt, Canadian Country Music artist, HOM has begun the construction of a recreation field on our Repatriote complex.

Paul has shared with us his meeting with Leon Dorleans, HOM Executive Director…

“Pastor Leon and I met while I was on location in Haiti filming a Television series called “Build It Forward” which identified local need in Canada in families at risk of homelessness. Families in the series were asked to help their neighbours in developing countries by building homes and working on infrastructure projects in those countries. In return, each of the Canadian families received a new home of their own.

I’ll never forget meeting Pastor Leon for the first time. His passion for loving people, God’s work, and building God’s Kingdom is palpable. He enthusiastically showed me a vision of a soccer field and play area that he had for a property we were visiting. Later that day, I had the opportunity to play soccer with young men who live in Cite Soleil, the worst slum in the Western Hemisphere. It was explained to me that these young men and boys were in opposing gangs, and would normally be fighting and killing each other, but that since the creation of a soccer program in the area, their energies were being positively focused into sports, and they were having the opportunity to hear about God’s love for them, and hope beyond their current circumstances. I hoped with Pastor Leon that we might one day see his vision come to life.

Today, in partnership with the Town of Slave Lake, Alberta, The Build It Forward Foundation is in the process of funding this vision at a church property in Repatriote, Haiti. 25% of funds raised in a Build It Forward relief fundraiser in response to the Slave Lake fire were graciously re-donated by the town of Slave Lake to Pastor Leon’s work in Haiti. Facilitated by The Build It Forward foundation, neighbours are helping neighbours, both locally and globally.

The soccer field and playground in Repatriote will be used as a refuge. It is a place for young people to play, constructively compete, and most importantly learn about the transforming power of the love of Jesus Christ, and the effect that He can have on their lives.

The Build It Forward Foundation exists to raise money and awareness to help people around the world in practical ways. The focus of the foundation is to raise funds and awareness of issues facing widows and orphans, the poorest of the poor, people who are often forgotten, and people in emergency need both in North America, and abroad. We encourage neighbours to help neighbours, and facilitate service opportunities and education about issues facing the majority of the world’s poor. These activities are done in the example of Jesus Christ, and in the spirit of loving our neigbours as ourselves. In our activities and projects, we look for opportunities to gently and respectfully share the message of God’s love through the good news of His son Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to partner with us in helping Pastor Leon and his work in Haiti. A special fund has been set up through The Build It Forward Foundation to enable you to give directly to Pastor Leon through a special agency agreement we have in place with Haiti Outreach Ministries and the cooperation of the Canadian Government. 100% of funds donated to The Build It Forward/HOM fund will flow through to HOM’s activities and be diligently accounted for.”


For more information about Paul Brandt, visit his website: www.paulbrandt.com