Pray with Us


Updated: August 16, 2013

Our latest prayer requests and praises have been given to us by the people themselves:


– Prayer request for Nadege Gay as she starts college; pray for her success as well as filling her void with HOM staffing.

– Pray for the Family of Miralda Miceus, a student at Blanchard that just completed third grade, who suddenly became ill this summer and died within an hour.

-Please pray for Merilhomme Silvestre who was hospitalized for 10 days, and is now recovering at home. He would appreciate prayers for his health.

-Compere Wilfrid is grateful to God for all the kindness shown towards his family.

-Prayer request for Dasny Francely, the youth coordinator, as he wants God to light his path and help him do the work. Dasny is striving to please God before pleasing himself or others.

-Prayer request for Raymond Jean Anthenor who asks God to unlock doors for him and show him the path to take.

-Prayer request for Kenson Julien who prays for God’s guidance and to help him accomplish his dreams.

-Prayer request for Madame Lenes Pierre Who is pregnant with her first child.

-Prayer request for Frere Leonel Osias (Lele) who has a hernia and he wants to have surgery but he can’t afford it.

-Prayer request for the students who will be taking the National Exam in June and July.

-Prayer request for Sister Fabert whose mother recently passed away.

-Prayer request for Jeannette Orace who is mind is not as sharp and is often confused.

-Prayer request for Sister Jacotte who is in need of a house.