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We would love to hear how HOM has touched your life! Share about sponsoring a student, a mission trip, how your church or organization has partnered with us, or meeting with one of our Haitian leaders. Feel free to include a favorite photo or two!


We would love to see several of your favorite photos. Please identify people, places, etc. in the photos.


HOM has its own YouTube channel, and may be interested in posting a video that you have taken. Videos can either be edited or unedited, but do need to be high resolution. Please also include a brief description of the video.


Has your church or organization raised money for HOM through a unique project or program? Have you hosted a special prayer breakfast or promotional event? We’d love to hear about it!

MEDIA DISCLAIMER: Please know that while we love to hear from you and see your photos and videos, we simply cannot post all of them, but will do the best we can. High resolution photos and videos work best for posting. Please include your name and hometown. We reserve the right to edit images and videos for size and content.

*Please note that use of our logo in any manner is prohibited unless permission has been granted.  Any advertising materials or products produced on our behalf is also prohibited without proper permissions.

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