Sponsor A Student

Change a life through student sponsorship!  Education is essential for any child’s development, but in Haiti, education is much more than that – it is the necessary foundation to escape pervasive national poverty and a pathway to a better future. In Haiti there is no free, public education.

HOM and its Haitian partner MICECC operate three primary schools and a secondary school, providing a robust, quality education steeped in Christian principles. Our students enroll in preschool classes starting at age three and are able to continue through the Haitian-required 13th grade in our secondary school. Because of the quality education available at each of our schools, parents are eager to have their children attend, with each school receiving many more applications than spaces available.

Student sponsorship makes our schools possible. While families are asked to contribute what they can towards school costs, the reality is that sponsorship dollars are what allow HOM to keep the school doors open, lunches provided, books furnished, and young minds expanded.

By sponsoring a student, you are investing in the future of a child and equipping the child to positively impact their community and the world.  Sponsorship provides an opportunity to connect with a child in need and to develop a personal relationship that can last a lifetime.

Sponsoring a student is easy, and opportunities are available to sponsor on the primary, secondary, university, and vocational education levels. Through on our online portal, you can search for a student whose profile speaks to your heart and get involved immediately.

Sponsorship Options:
Primary School Student – $35 per month
Secondary School Student – $60 per month
College Student – $75 per month
Vocational Student – $10 per month

Make a difference and enroll in our student sponsorship program today!