Tad Prewitt

tad pic

Tad Prewitt’s first mission trip to Haiti took place in 2004, where he worked in the mountain area building fish ponds and replanting trees on the bare mountain sides. He has continued to work in Haiti every year since that first trip and began working with HOM projects in 2007. Since then, he has been the leader of his church’s construction team in the areas of HOM’s activity. Tad has been a licensed Commercial General Contractor since 1977, building service stations, restaurants, and car washes throughout the US and overseas. He built the first Western-style gas station in Poland in 1990 after the “Iron Curtain “came down and had two projects under construction in Israel during the first Gulf War.

Tad is a member of First Presbyterian church in Fayetteville, NC where he serves as an Elder. He is honored to be a part of the HOM Board and through his construction background strives to further the mission of bringing Christ’s church to the people of Haiti.