Thank You Note From Chrisna Saint-Louis

“This school has fortified me.”
~ Chrisna Saint-Louis, age 12

Chrisna Saint-Louis has attended HOM schools since the age of 3. In June, as she graduated from Terre Noire primary school, she sent a beautiful thank you letter to School Superintendent Jacky Dorleans, saying how proud and happy she was for the opportunities the school has provided to her. Chrisna will be a new 7th grader at Barye Fe secondary school this year.

Our schools will get back to the business of fortifying students like Chrisna next Monday, Sept. 6. The administration is hard at work getting ready to welcome over 1,900 students across the four campuses. As Madame Jacky shared in a recent message,

“Students really need to be back to their oasis, to their safe place where they can continue to be loved, taught, fed, and play with their mates. They are having a very tough and sad time now.”

We are grateful to all of you who make it possible for HOM and MICECC to provide this needed oasis to our students. As Haiti continues to struggle with earthquake recovery and sociopolitical uncertainty, your prayers, support, and gifts are cherished.

We do still have a need both for student sponsors and for essential school supplies. You can change a life like Chrisna’s by visiting our student sponsorship portal here. Donations for essential school supplies can be made here – please indicate school supplies in the notes section.

PS: As this email was going to press, Jacky shared the great news that 100% of 9th graders – all 58 students – passed their national exams taken in July. Jacky writes, “Praise be to God! Thanks to their sponsors and to HOM/MICECC.”