The Leadership Training Center

Welcome! In addition to the ministry work currently in progress in Haiti, it is Leon’s dream to establish a Bible College in Haiti. To help meet that goal, we send teams of 2 teachers, four times a year, to teach a college undergraduate level Bible study class to Haitian leaders and potential leaders for one week. Our prayer is that this simple effort will eventually develop into a Bible College in Haiti. 

How often are you given the opportunity to participate in something so promising . . . something that could have such an impact long after we’re just dust?

Anyone who loves the Lord and has some experience in teaching or leadership (Sunday school teachers, Pastors, educators, etc.) are welcome to join our team. Walker Gaulding, Senior Minister of Rappahannock Church of Christ in the U.S., serves as the Academic Dean of the Leadership Training Center will guide you through the project. He coordinates the program with our Haitian leaders. Our provost will provide additional information and tips about the classes and testing.

As a teacher, plan to teach five basic Bible lessons, each one about 2 hours in length (although it is closer to one hour since you are speaking through an interpreter) in two sessions daily. We average about 50 students in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. We have had preachers, a college professor, an attorney, a paralegal and other educated individuals as well as individuals who are almost illiterate attend these classes. Our students are from 19 years of age to 80, male and female, Elders, Deacons, Sunday School teachers and others who simply HOPE to be a good leader someday.

You will be asked to provide us with a title or subject matter of what you will be teaching. This can be as simple as a study of a particular book or theme in the Bible (Repentance, Sanctification, Discipleship, etc.) so that our Haitian preachers can advertise this class. It is helpful to send us with a copy of your class notes, in whatever form you prefer – a complete manuscript, notes or just bullet points. This allows our interpreters to get familiar with what you’ll be teaching so they can be better interpreters. If you plan to use written tests, send us a copy at least 1 month in advance so we can have them translated into Creole and returned to you to print and bring to Haiti.

The students may be “quizzed” each day and graded accordingly, or you may give one final exam at the end of the week. Daily repetitive review is most helpful due to the fact that most Haitians have been educated using a rote memorization technique. We suggest that final exams be True/False, multiple choice, matching and (very) short answer for ease of grading unless you are fluent in Creole!

Each student will receive a certificate of completion, which we will do FOR you. These certificates are like GOLD to the students. They hang them prominently on the walls of their homes and point them out to all who enter.

Thank you for joining us in this journey to make Leon’s dream a reality! We promise it will be an experience you will treasure forever. Contact us at now to schedule your Leadership training mission trip.