Together in Prayer – Reflections from our Team


During these uncertain times of COVID19, At Haiti Outreach Ministries we believe that the most powerful thing we can give and receive during these uncertain times is the gift of prayer. Although we cannot be together physically, we can be united in prayer.

In thinking of how we could best communicate our needs with you, we asked our mission partners in our ministry in Haiti to share their prayer requests. Here are their thoughts:

Leon Dorleans, our Founding Director, asks for prayers to thank the Lord for life and health and being. He writes, “I am very grateful that I could still be useful in His kingdom. Another prayer request I have is for the Lord to continue to provide ways for me to serve Him, also to protect the people who are living in the world who are facing the danger of the COVID-19, specially our supporters.” Leon also prays that the Lord would continually inspire us to find ways to make our lives more useful even through this difficult time. “This is my prayer for all.”

Jacky Dorleans, the Superintendent of our schools in Haiti, asks, “Please pray with us that the students and their teachers would be back to school, so I could continue to teach them to love God, and live the Christian life, and we could together pray daily for the blessings of the Lord to shower upon you, your family, and you could continue to share your resources for their education.”

Nadege Gay, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, writes, “We're so quick to forget that prayer is one of the most powerful forms of healing. As we've learned from the pandemic so far, our lives are never as stable as we believe them to be. The lesson to be learned here is that it's best to be as prepared for anything as we can be and from there, just roll with the punches. Life can change in an instant.” Nadege has been coordinating the efforts to provide food for the primary students since schools are closed. We rejoice in the way Nadege has put prayers into action.

Quency Etienne, the Medical Director of our clinic at Cite Soleil, writes, “We of course need prayer for our spiritual and physical blessings because our Lord does many things for our clinic. We need to keep praying.”

Profaite Medeus, the President of MICECC and the Pastor of the Cite Soleil Church, writes, “We praise the Lord for enabling us to continue to serve Him despite that the Pandemic of COVID-19 has greatly impacted daily life throughout the world, especially the global health and economy. We express the highest gratitude to you because despite your personal challenge, you continue to support the ministry in Haiti.”

Gary Fulton, HOM’s Executive Director, writes, “I give thanks for Leon, Jacky, Profaite, Nadege, and Quency and all the staff in Haiti who work to care for the people we serve by providing spiritual care, food, and medical care. I ask you to join all of us at Haiti Outreach Ministries in praying for our world, for each other, and for the people in Haiti.”

We all give thanks for you and pray that God will bless you and keep you, be gracious unto you, and give you peace!