Vocational School

Self Sufficiency and Hope

Upon graduating secondary school, many students are faced with the reality that they cannot afford to go to college. For young women especially, not going to college or learning a trade can lead to higher pregnancy rates and no way to support their families. HOM and MICECC have established two vocational schools on the Cite Soleil and Terre Noire (Blanchard) campuses. The vocational school offers students an opportunity to make a difference in their lives and restore hope for their futures.

_07C4613HOM/MICECC offers vocational classes in sewing and computer studies. HOM Donors underwrite most of the expenses of the program (largely staff salaries) while the student co-pay for the classes range from $25 to $50 per year. The sewing program lasts 3 years; upon graduation, many students open their own sewing shops or secure manufacturing employment. The computer classes offers instruction in basic computer skills and word and spreadsheet programs allowing student to learn useful skills for the workplace.

Please consider making a $10 per month donation to our Vocational Scholarship Fund.

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How your team can get involved

While visiting Haiti your team will have the opportunity to purchase custom-made clothing and other gifts made by the vocational school students. The gift shop located on the Terre Noire (Blanchard) campus features gifts made from the vocational school students, as well as local artisans. Every purchase made goes toward the vocational school program and to the artisan.