Why a Second Building?

Artist rendering of building number two

“Because of my good education, I can be a model. I always want to help others because of the opportunity I had.”
Benson Medeus, IT Specialist and former HOM student

While HOM students are receiving a strong academic foundation in current programs (pre-K–grade 9), they need the ongoing benefits of an excellent Christian education and a loving, supportive environment through high school. With an additional secondary school building, students can continue their progress toward a diploma while attending a stellar Christian school in their local community.

The need is pressing. In order for current secondary school students to continue their education at a HOM school, the second building must open by the fall of 2018. This building, which will connect to the first, will include eight classrooms and a dedicated science lab. The new facility will expand the high school program through grade 11 and allow for an increasing number of incoming students from HOM primary schools.